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SPI work programmes

The workplan for the SPI is determined by the Committee on Science and Technology every two years. It outlines the reports that the SPI is mandated to produce.

Science-Policy Interface meeting reports

The UNCCD SPI frequently meets to work collaborativly on the production of the scientific reports as mandated by the Committee of Science and Technology.

Shaping an enabling environment for LDN: Science-policy brief

Shaping an enabling environment for Land Degradation Neutrality (LDN) calls for integrated land use planning, inclusive and environmentally sound land access and governance, major reconfigurations of current institutional settings, financial backing, and ongoing dialogue between policy-makers, practitioners, and the scientific community.

Shaping an enabling environment for LDN: Science-policy brief

Data & Knowledge

Knowledge-sharing systems

The Knowledge Sharing Systems interactive search tool provides an overview of relevant resources and websites reported by country Parties in biannual reports submitted to the UNCCD secretariat through the PRAIS system.